Who We Are


Elemental Reasoning is based in the Seattle area of Washington state, surrounded by the blue waters of Puget Sound and the green Cascade Mountains.


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The core technologies behind Elemental Reasoning are based on the research of Dr. Jason McColm Smith, our founder.  Dr. Smith has been working in the field of language-independent software analysis for nearly two decades, establishing a unique suite of methodologies and techniques that lift static analysis of software from the discussion of constructs to the discussion of concepts.  He is the author of the ground-breaking Elemental Design Patterns, as well as numerous academic publications, and is proud to be a co-author of the Object Management Group’s Structured Patterns Metamodel Standard.  An accomplished speaker comfortable in the boardroom and the classroom, Dr. Smith continues to push the boundaries of what we do.


From the back cover:

After fifteen years, the field of design patterns is still missing a critical element: a foundation. By definition, the content of design patterns is abstract. As a result, design patterns are difficult for many to grasp well - especially for inexperienced programmers and students. While many professionals who could benefit from patterns admit that they don't fully understand them, many others don't understand patterns nearly as well as they imagine they do - resulting in systems that aren't designed as well as they should be. In Elemental Design Patterns, researcher Jason McC. Smith offers the missing foundation that software practitioners need to utilize patterns far more effectively. Smith introduces a foundational layer of patterns terminology: a collection of core patterns that can't be decomposed further. He presents these underlying basic concepts of programming clearly and concisely, in the same format as the classic "Gang of Four" patterns - thereby offering a taxonomy that virtually any developer can understand and apply. Elemental Design Patterns helps practitioners grasp the context of patterns, comprehend their true power, and map them to actual software implementations more cleanly and directly. Part tutorial, part example-rich cookbook, it will help developers gain a deeper appreciation for what they do - and successfully utilize patterns with a wide variety of languages, environments, and domains

Our logo reflects the grounding of the technologies and services we offer in the Elemental Design Patterns.  The EDPs constitute a formal foundation for the concepts of software design and engineering, in much the same manner that the periodic table of elements forms the basis for chemistry.  The framing graphic is a standard view of a chemical element, the 'Er' is from our company name.  The 2005 in the top left denotes the year that the research underlying our offerings was proven effective and feasible.  The Greek letter rho in the bottom right stands for the ρ-calculus that is the formal mathematical foundation for that research.